Tenant/Broker/Association Representation

Tenant-Broker Representation:

Before looking for space, land or buildings you should ask:

  • Do you have the time and expertise to research the real estate market?
  • Do you know the market and the effective leasing rates, land and/or building pricing?
  • Do you have the time and expertise to deal with all the different brokers and landlords, while handling your own job responsibilities?
  • Do you know how to use real estate to improve the financial and competitive edge for your company based on location, visibility, etc.?
  • Do you know all the additional fees that could be charged to you for expenses, etc.?

As your Tenant-Broker Representative, Gibraltar Real Estate Services, Inc. would serve as your strategic advisor to lower real estate costs and occupancy risk while maximizing workplace flexibility and productivity, and at the same time, help you consummate a final transaction that will maximize efficiency and reduce the financial impact.

This is performed by utilizing detailed market research, sophisticated financial analyses and over 30 years of experience to help you compare alternatives in the marketplace.  We offer personal face-to-face interactions from beginning to end and are always available in any future issue that might come up.

Here are just a few of our satisfied clients:

  • Gwinnett Hospital System
  • Eye Center of Georgia
  • Serenity Orthodontics
  • North Atlanta Dermatology
  • Gwinnett Pediatric Associates
  • Fusion Sleep

Landlord Representation:

We understand that enhancing the value of your investment is crucial and we assist our Landlords in doing this by:

  • Filling vacancies with high-quality tenants;
  • Helping perform any legal actions such as dispossessory of non-performing tenants when necessary;
  • Maintaining all necessary property records as discussed in our Property Asset Management area with a professional level of confidentiality as required by your organization;
  • Keep you abreast of market trends such as occupancy rates and future developments to keep you informed how your property matches against the competition;
  • Utilize a customized marketing plan designed to develop awareness in the market place to attract the greatest user demand and highest possible rent while minimizing lease down time.

Finally, we know how to close deals.  Even when a strong marketing plan attracts a slate of ideal tenants, we have the skill and know-how to negotiate transactions that meet the needs of both Landlords and Tenants.

Condominium/Owners Association Representation:

Commercial Condominium and Owner Associations are created, in part,  to protect and maintain the structures, assets, and market value of a property owned/occupied by multiple entities.

The proper management of these properties today will determine their value tomorrow.  Whether you are an owner or a developer, it is critical to choose a management company with the integrity and experience to help you make the best of your  Board of Directors to accomplish this goal.

Our services to your Board would include:

  • Accounting services for collection of assessments and timely payment of bills;
  • Computerized financial statements customized to your Association’s needs;
  • Board Consultation and Meeting Attendance
  • Assistance with Budget Preparation and setting assessments;
  • Long-range capital maintenance and budgets;
  • Help in enforcing Deeds, By-laws and Association Rules and Regulations;
  • Oversight of Association contractors;
  • Assistance with insurance requirements;
  • Collection and placement of liens when required
  • 24-hour On-Call Service

Additional services that can be provided can be found under our Property Asset Management Services.