Property Asset Management

Management and Document Administration:

Our clients count on us to administer to the daily activities of their Communities/Properties in a prudent and organized manner.  The systematic execution of detailed tasks and activities is what makes for a Successful Community/Property:

  • Attend all Board meetings. Prepare meeting agendas, management reports, and financial statement presentations.
  • Attend Annual meetings. Prepare all annual election notices, agendas, members roll, proxies, and voting percentage calculations.
  • Assist in Annual Budget Preparation with analysis from prior years. Copy and distribute approved budgets to owners.
  • Assistance in long-range project planning.
  • Physically visit the Community at least once per week. The purpose of each visit shall be to observe and record maintenance and rule compliance.  Conduct a monthly property inspection and provide board members with written reports as necessary.
  • Issue warning and violation letters to unit owners who are in violation of the Association rules and regulations.
  • Solicit bids for work to be performed which requires multiple bids as requested. This includes assisting in the preparation of specifications and bid requirements.
  • Provide Requests for Proposal packages to contractors.
  • Assist in contractor selection to complete the projects.
  • Receive and respond to all phone calls. This includes 24-hour emergency response.
  • Review and recommend changes in policy/procedures for
  • Provide on-site personnel interaction as necessary.
  • Monitor utility usage
  • Process Annual Report to be presented at Annual Meeting.
  • Maintain all documents for declaration, by-laws and amendments for Associations/property entities.
  • Assist with any legal and/or governmental proceedings as required.

Assessment and Accounting Administration:

The sound operation of any Community is the financial foundation that it sits on:

  • Transmit all assessment and/or billing invoices/statements on monthly basis or as required.
  • Receive, record and deposit monthly assessments and other income.
  • Provide delinquent report on or about the 15th of each month as requested.
  • Bill payment and processing. This includes review of all bills, bill approval, check writing, and check signing by authorized Association personnel.
  • Financial Report Preparation:
  • Balance Sheet
  • Operating Statement
  • YTD Actual vs. Budget
  • Monthly Check Register
  • Monthly Member Assessment Aged Report
  • Monthly Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Year-End Closing includes providing information to Accountant(s) for Tax Return Preparation.


Work is contracted with a select group of responsive, reliable and cost-effective vendors who have proven themselves to us over the years.  Major maintenance projects are always done with competitive bids:

Physical services that we offer are:

  • Conduct inspections of properties and/or common area property, grounds and equipment.
  • Provide a preventative maintenance program for buildings and grounds.
  • Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.
  • Order requested and necessary repairs. Oversee the work and inspect the finished product for completeness and compliance to applicable specifications.
  • Arrange for outside consultants (as needed/requested) to prepare major project specifications.
  • Respond to maintenance complaints, concerns, suggestions and questions from residents. Provide 24-hour emergency response.

Utility and Energy Conservation:

Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years because we review their utility bills.

  • Utility bill tracking, analysis and reporting.
  • Energy Sourcing to alternative suppliers to ensure the lowest cost.
  • Sub-metering, remote monitoring and billing.
  • Energy efficient lighting plans.
  • Energy Conservation Strategies.
  • Energy Purchasing Strategies. 

Consulting & Development Management:

Our programs have resulted in improved Association organization and more efficient operations for Condominium Associations we manage.  We can customize a consulting program to meet your needs.

  • Financial Analysis and Budget Preparation.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Rules and Regulations.
  • Review of new construction to ensure consistency in building construction, signage, etc.